The Kablooie Secret VIP Shopping Club – find out more!

And you thought the website collection was all I did?! Welcome to the Secret Facebook VIP Shopping Club!

The Kablooie Secret VIP Shopping Club is a private, invitation only Facebook Group, where all the hard core Kablooie Fans hang out, and it doesn't take long to figure out why!

My Facebook Group is where I love to hang out, and chat, get feedback, try out new concepts, pick product testers, and even select models for my next photoshoot.  It's where I run any very rare sales, pop up seconds or samples at discounted prices.  It's also THE premier spot to buy or sell second hand Kablooie pieces, with close to 5000 members - the group is an active and safe place to buy and sell Kablooie pieces.

Custom Pre Orders

But possibly the best part of the Kablooie Secret Shopping Club, is my regular VIP Custom Pre orders.

Imagine if you were presented with a vibrant, unique, designer fabric, that was in limited supply and guaranteed to delight you and draw every eye.

And then imagine you got to choose anything from the Kablooie range which you'd like to own in that print, and could ask for it to be made, just for you!  And THEN, imagine it was never offered again, keeping your VIP pre order piece as a very special, limited edition, and maybe even one of a kind piece.  Kinda cool right?

Seen something you can't find on the website? It's probably a Custom Pre Order

Well that's what happens about once every 4-6 weeks in my Facebook group.  So if you've seen something Kablooie that you can't find on my website, chances are, it's a limited edition custom piece for a member of my VIP Facebook Group.  And it's probably no longer available now - oops. (don't despair though, I occasionally bring back a very very popular print, or have a few pieces I can make at the end with leftover fabric. Phew!)

As a VIP member of the group, you'll never miss a limited edition release again.

Ready to banish the FOMO?  Request an invitation now.