A Local Brisbane Fashion Label that's all about Happy, Colourful Fashion you will love

Are you looking for your new favourite local fashion label? Love having something fresh, fun and different from the crowd? Want to wear clothes that make you feel deep down happy? If you've been looking for a Aussie owned, designed and made brand that's genuinely sustainable, and love brands like Gorman, but they 'don't make it in your size', then I anmsoooo glad you stopped by.

Because Kablooie is a small batch, handmade fashion label for women who love quirky, colourful and fabulous fashion- and that's you! (Uh-huh. Absolutely.) Designed and made right here in Australia, and featured in print and online publications like The Courier Mail Business Daily section, and Peppermint Magazine. Find out more about where Kablooie has been featured in both online and print media.

kablooie as featured in various media publications and websites

When you browse my online store, you'll find vibrant colours, bold oversized prints and quirky designs you can style your own way. Kablooie is all about unexpected, oversized and playful design stories on fabric. When you pop on your favourite Kablooie, you'll be amazed at how often you are approached just to be asked 'where did you get that dress?!'.

Each piece of  Kablooie clothing is carefully made to order for you, in Brisbane Australia. All of my fabric designs are commissioned from independant local designers - you won't find them anywhere else. Because I make to order, you can customise your piece in small ways, to make it perfect for you.  Find out how!

One of the best parts? My size range starts at size 4 and goes right through to size 26 (and I'm happy to custom make larger or smaller sizes - just ask)  because fabulous clothes are for EVERY body. All my pieces are designed to be relaxed fit, fun and easy to wear.

Handmade Sustainable Fashion that's FUN?

Abso-lut-ely. Each Kablooie piece is handmade to order for you, from fabric that's designed and printed only for my label. Garments are individually handcut, then sewn in small batches, by a team of local Brisbane seamstresses.  Seamstresses are paid  at award rates, and sew in their own home studios, on their own schedule. Even fabric offcuts are used to make my signature clashing 'surprise pockets', sleeve pieces, belts and accessories like scrunchies and bags.

And when your special piece is finished?  I post it out to you in re-useable, compostable, environmentally friendly satchels, in a crisp brown paper package that's a joy to unwrap.  It’s slow and sustainable small batch fashion.... that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Cos fashion should be fun, and your clothes should make you happy right? AMIRIGHT? #YepImRight

Check out each of my designer collections - created in collaboration with independant australian artists and designers, often with a quirky Australian theme.  And don't forget to browse my delicious accessories, each a fun collaboration with another handmade Australian business.

My Production Process

Let's take it back a few steps, and I'll explain how each Kablooie piece is made.  Your dress starts as an idea in my head, quirky and fun and a lil' bit crazy, and full of colour and happiness.  I take those ideas and collaborate with local Australian designers, and they create a digital design, bringing my ideas to life, ready to be printed onto fabric.

My exclusive fabrics are printed in a specialist facility overseas (in Asia), which is compliant with all laws and requirements for the safety and wellbeing of their workers, and product excellence.  They are committed to the use of carefully sourced and eco friendly fabrics - which are better for the environment throughout their whole life cycle.

Why Is Kablooie Sustainable?

Because I print my own fabric, I only print as much as I need to keep production flowing and my shelves stocked.  And because your pieces are made to order, I only ever cut and sew the pieces that have already been purchased.  This way, minimal fabric is wasted, and I'm able to keep designs in stock permanently, with no excess unsold stock needing to be heavily discounted to make way for the next round.

Even the fabric that is left over is put to use in handcut pocket pieces, hats, accessories, collaborations, and even donated to community groups for craft and therapy.  The making process for each garment takes place here in Brisbane, and each piece is individually checked before being packaged up for you.

Become a Kablooie VIP

Every piece you purchase from Kablooie is individually handmade to order, for you.  I print and stock my own uncut designer fabric, exclusive to my brand, so stock numbers online are an estimate of what I can make with the fabric in stock, in a reasonable time. This is not fast fashion. But it's worth the wait. Check out customer reviews to find out how many fall in love.

New collections often sell out fast the first time. To be first to know about restock dates and times, and even get some sneaky pre launch access,  join  my VIP email group to get the goods straight to your inbox.

Oh, and every month, I make RAD limited edition stuff that's not on the website. I pick a print I love and offer pre orders, or just pop up a few metres for a one of a kind piece for one lucky person.  I also run new ideas by my members, get feedback on sizing and design, and generally make you feel special.  If that sounds like your thing, check out my fabulous private shopping group on Facebook and get involved in the fun. It's exclusive and its super popular - join in on shopping nights and feel the adrenaline rush!

Keneena Fanning - Owner and Designer.

Oh, and you wanna know about me?  Read on!

Lover of colour, larger than life designs, words, puns, pattern clash and donuts. Definitely not a perfectionist. Keneena Fanning is the creator, designer and owner at Kablooie Store, her sustainable Australian fashion label full of colourful, quirky HAPPY pieces. Kablooie Store's vision? To create fabulous fashion pieces for you that look incredible, feel comfortable, and make you feel deep-down happy! If you find and wear a Kablooie piece that sparks joy for you (and have a wishlist of all the others that make you smile), my job here is done.

Keneena is a married Brisbane-based mum of three, who has worked previously in economics, strategic financing, and project management, and holds a business degree in economics and resources management. True story. She has always loved colour, art and making stuff. She hates fiddly or frilly fashion, and her ideal project is always finished in an hour.

Now, in between dreaming up new colour clashes, collaborating with amazing creatives and managing a growing group of seamstresses and employees, Keneena finds joy in the happy chaos of family and church life, loves to exercise and dreams of one day doing one handed pushups. Followed by a pepperoni pizza. Life is busy, crazy, and incredible.

Enjoy xx

Meet Kablooie Store Owner, Keneena Fanning