Customise Your Kablooie

Did you know you can customise your Kablooie garment to find the perfect fit? This is not just your average off-the-rack frock shop,  No sireeee.   Because each piece is carefully handmade to order in Australia, I can customise your dream dress (or top or skirt) as part of the making process.

Every time you purchase a Kablooie piece, I want you to LOVE it!  There's nothing worse than knowing you have to take every skirt you purchase to the dry cleaners to fork out extra funds for it to be hemmed, just cos you're petite.  Or to have your arms get stuck in the small armholes whenever you try on a new top. #thepanicisreal 

FIRST OFF - did you know you can Try-Before-You-Buy for my standard sizes and styles?  I have a full set of handmade pieces in every size and garment style, ready for you to try on in your own home, for the cost of postage. Wanna give it a try?

Next - let's run through what you can customise - both free and paid.

Each of these customisations is designed to make your garment work for your body , instead of expecting everybody to be the same. After listening to your most popular requests, I've got a magic list of customisations that means you can get your new dress, top or skirt just right!

And you know what?  A HEAP of these custom options are free.  A complementary gift to you. They cost you nothing.  Zip. Zilch. Nada. #yougetthepicture

Free Options

So what are these free options of which you speak? These options are free because they are small adjustments that give you better access to a garment without being financially penalised because you are shorter, taller, curvier or tinier than others. You can adjust your garment length, to work for your height.  It is free for you to request 5cm extra length on your skirt, dress or top (or up to 10cm less length).  No more wishing it worked for you - adjust for your height and get the perfect hemline for your figure.  It's a subtle change, that can make a big difference for you.

top length comparison back and front
dress 5cm extra length

You can also adjust the neckline by making it more scooped.  You can add up to 5 cm extra scoop to your neckline, to flatter a larger bust.  Or, you can lower the raised waistline of your babydoll dress by up to 5cm, to allow for a more generous bust, to make sure the seam sits in the place you want.

Hate getting your arms stuck in armholes that are waaaaay too small?  Now you can request extra armhole room so your top or dress slips on and off with ease (and without cutting off your circulation!).  And all of these options are completely free.  

Yum Cha Neckline Comparison
sleeve and bodice comparison

bodice comparison on babydoll dress

So, how do you request these free options?

Simples!  In every single product listing on my website, you'll find a notes box, where you can type in your custom request.

When you select a garment, and decide on your size, type your custom request into the notes box - for example 'please add 4cm to the length', or 'please scoop neckline by 1 inch and make armholes wider'. If your request is do-able (ie, no requests for $100 notes to be stuffed in the pockets please!), it will be prepared as you requested. If I need more information or to clarify a request (or let you know it's not possible), I will email or text you on the details you provide at checkout.  Generally, the things I can't provide are those that require a new pattern to be drawn up, as the individual cost of this is prohibitive (this includes inserting zips, adding puff or ruffles sleeves, making the neckline a V neck or square neck.  These may seem like small changes, but require time and testing to modify correctly.).

Pop your requests in this box on the product page

Paid Options

Want more?  Let's talk about paid customisation options!  What paid options are available? You can add some pretty awesome paid options to your garment to really take it to the next level. Let's go through them!

Skirt/Dress length: You can choose from 3 different lengths for skirts  and both regular and babydoll dress styles.  Regular length (the default length) sits just above your knee (depending on your height).  You can then choose to go to midi length (sits just below your knee/top of calf) or maxi length (around your ankle), by ticking one of those paid options in the product listing - simply tick 'add midi length'or add maxi length' and voila, we'll make the magic happen.

Regular, Midi and Maxi Skirt Lengths

Regular, Midi and Maxi Dress Lengths

Sleeve Length: You can change the length of your top or dress sleeve to suit your preference.  The regular sleeve is a small cap sleeve (in a drop sleeve style - ie, it's all one piece of fabric with the main dress or top).

For my non stretch cotton range, you can choose to add an extra sleeve piece to take your sleeve to just above elbow length - this is a real statement look and immediately dresses up your top or dress. Just tick the extra sleeve length option in the garment listing. Please note this is a separate sleeve piece sewn on to the drop sleeve with a seam, not a change to the original dress pattern.

Regular and Extra Sleeve Lengths for Cotton (non stretch) Dresses and Tops

If you're exploring my stretch jersey or breastfeeding range, you get even more options - with 3 different sleeve lengths available - elbow length, 3/4 sleeve or full length to the wrist.  This options is available on jersey tops and dresses.

Four sleeve lengths for Jersey Dresses and Tops

Fabric Belt Tie: YOu want MORE? (so demanding, hehe)  You can also add a fabric belt tie to your order in the same fabric as your garment - designed to go around your waist and be secured in either a knot or a bow to give you a more dramatic silhouette and make you all fancy. If you already a have a dress but want to order a belt tie to match, you can now purchase this as a separate item as well.

If you prefer hair accessories, you can add a matching scrunchie to your order.


fabric belt pictures

scrunchies mix tape fabric


That's a quick overview of all the options, both free and paid, that you get to choose from when shopping with Kablooie. Ready to Shop?  Check out my range!

Wanna chat about custom sizes or ask more questions?  Contact me.

Wanna see a series of short videos I have made to show you each of my main garment styles and what they look and feel like for reals?  Head to my Instagram IGTV channel to watch a few!