Better than the Big Brands!

I just wanted to share a story with you about when I wore my sunshine garden dress about two weeks ago. I was with my two girlfriends who LOVE Review. Like, really love, like an obsession!! I also like (meh) Review but they don’t accommodate plus size and their 16 is questionable, but I’m not going to rain on their parade. We were all out for lunch and some shopping and they were wearing Review dresses and I put on my Kablooie. Now don’t get me wrong, three gals frocked up is a sight on a Monday and we were turning heads! But, I was the only one who received compliments on my outfit, FIVE actually! One lady in particular stopped her car in the car park, held up traffic to ask me where I got my dress. I’ve never yelled KABLOOIE quite so loud before but she got it!

This is exactly why I love doing this. I love supporting small, local businesses but more importantly, supporting those who support others. Having an understanding that plus size  means a different shape to a garment, not just more material.
Anyway, I hope you like this story and inspires you to keep making beautiful clothes! Xx
Emma (@hardly_em, Instagram model and influencer)

I want them ALL

My breastfeeding dress arrived and I LOVE IT!  So comfy and easy to feed in and the shape is just so perfect! Not a shapeless sack but also not super clingy on my mum tum! Amazing! Also pockets! Why do people even make dresses without pockets!? You've done such an amazing job. Thank you! No more boring navy/black/grey or just stripes for this Mumma! I wish I could have one in every print.

Laura Nathan (beautiful Mum and Kablooie customer)


In love with the new Breastfeeding Dress

Just wanted to say thank you for such amazing breastfeeding dresses! They have been indispensable since we arrived in Singapore. Not many people breastfeed in public here and I can discreetly breastfeed my thirsty boy without sitting in a hot nursing room staring at a wall.
The knee length is perfect for wrangling two kids and it is comfy to wear in the endless heat and humidity. I can dress them up or down and most importantly I feel like “me” rather than a daggy mama.

Lauren (Designer, Mum, and Fan of the new Breastfeeding dress)


My Dream Dress!

Excuse the vanity shots but I just wanted you to know your AMAZING dress has found her spiritual home (and is getting lots of compliments) in Palm Springs ✨🌵💜 The dreamiest dress for the dreamiest destination!

Vibrant and Joyful

The only thing more vibrant and joyful than a Kablooie piece is Keneena herself. An amazing woman and an incredible brand. Thanks for creating clothes that stand out and make everybody happy!

Jen Bray ( gorgeous bossbabe, maker, designer, and @fussygus on Instagram)



A Whole Lotta Happy!

Every time I purchase a vibrant, unique and fabulously handmade product from Keneena, I know that so much joy will be shared with the world. From her quirky designs to her fabulous collaborations with Australian artists, I know that when I wear Kablooie, strangers will stop me in my tracks. Thank you Keneena for making Australian handmade products that inject a whole lotta happiness!

Marayner Baker (Accessory Queen, empire builder and all round mega stylish lady @kenziecollective)



Love the Customisation - more than 5 stars!

Couldn’t love my ever growing Kablooie Collection more. Love that you can add length and Keneena is so accomodating with any requests as well. Short turn around time, if I could give more than 5 * I would! ✔️

Mel Woods (gorgeous style maestro @curvycartel on Instagram)



So much fun - and got them sized down.

I absolutely LOVE my Kablooie dresses not only because the prints are SO MUCH FUN but because they fit sooo well and are beautifully made! Being smaller than the usual size 6, i find it hard to buy dresses that don't swamp me.  I was so impressed Keneena was more than happy to size down my dresses to ensure they me perfectly! Thankyou!

Nicole (all round beautiful lady and owner of funky accessory business @fatmangocreative on Instagram)



KA BOOM in our Kablooie!!!

I'm that daggy mum that puts her children in matching clothes, so when I saw your most recent release for Girt Squad I knew I had to match us all!  It's frigging fabulous!!! We all love our items!! Statement. Colour. Fun.
Thank you sooooo much Keneena  xxx
Elaine (stunning lover of Australian Handmade goodness, @_where_are_they_from_)

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Kablooie Store
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 35 reviews
by Gillian on Kablooie Store
The best dresses

I got my third Kablooie dress for Christmas (Aussie Birds Jersey) and I love them all. They're all super comfortable, and a great fit. I love the range of patterns and it is nice to be supporting such a great small business. Every order has gone very smoothly and arrived in a reasonable timeframe. Will be definitely be getting another one, next time I need a new dress.

Wow, Gillian I'm so happy you love your dresses! Thank you so much for the fabulous review - you're a star

by Tanya Oliver on Kablooie Store
Kablooie is my JAM!

I am a bit fussy!
I like to have things that not just everyone has. I like to wear colour that smacks you so hard it is worth getting up in the morning just to get dressed. And, all of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe are Kablooie!
No other items get noticed or complimented as much. They wash and wear like a dream, They are whimsical and fun, they are customisable. What more could you want?
Customer for life x

Tanya, you're one of my favourites! I love your style and you're always a dream to make things for - may you live long and colourfully!!

by Sophie on Kablooie Store
Could not be happier

I received my tiger baby doll dress in the mail today. 5 stars just for the packaging before I even got a chance to try on the dress. A super cute surprise face mask was so exciting and definitely needed in Melbourne!
The Dress slipped on so perfectly. It's so beautifully made. The fabric is breathable and comfortable and the dress is so pretty I kept doing twirls around the house. Favourite thing I've bought this year!! Also LOVE the fabric in the pockets.
First item I've bought from here but definitely not the last!

Sophie, I am so thrilled you’re happy with your dress, that one is SUCH a fabulous pick and I hope you twirl for many years to come!

by Rhi on Kablooie Store

Absolutely love these dresses - great fit, cute prints and POCKETS.
Excellent customer service xx

Thank you much Rhi - mutual pocket love here! 👏🏽👏🏽

by Steph on Kablooie Store
The gift of colour during covid

I am now the proud owner of 3 Kablooie dresses and each time I wear them I know I’m going to have a good day. People at work stop to talk about the fabrics, and I always seem to get more smiles when I’m wearing them. Who knew that a dress would add so much joy in my life??!

Hi Steph , what a thrill reading your review - you've made my day!!

by Carla on Kablooie Store
Love love love

My name is Carla and I am a Kablooie Addict!
I have so many dresses that fill me with joy - wearing a Kablooie is the epitome of dopamine dressing. It’s impossible not to be happy wearing such bright, vibrant clothes.

Oh Carla this makes me smile all over - thank you for the your feedback and I'm thrilled you love your Kablooie!

by Lynette Rose on Kablooie Store
Cut, colour, comfort and easy care - all the wins!

I stalked Kablooie for a good 6 months on Facebook and Insta and at least one email about sizing before I went to Kaneena's pop-up shop in 2019. I knew the prints were fabulous, the measurements were solid, the photos of many different shaped and sized models were reassuring but I needed that reassurance of shape, feel and sizing to make sure my investment was wise. And, boobs.

At the pop-up I saw fabulous, everyday people showcasing the amazing dresses, met some beautiful people (still swoony over chatting with Ellie Whittaker) and then I managed to get TWO amazing sale items IN MY SIZE - hello Sunshine Garden and Faces regular dresses! The good quality woven cotton has held up for over 12 months and countless washes (and not many irons...). They still amaze people every time I wear them. I love them and they are my go-to.

I've since picked up a few other pieces including family Christmas outfits of Deck the Prawns, Aussie Birds and special collab for This is Australia print boardshorts.

I love that I can support a local business and a local network of businesses and women. I love that it's not the same as everyone else. I love that I can have confidence that a size 18 will fit and flatter with the pattern graded for plus sizes (and boobs). I love there are options for extra hem length, extra sleeve length, lowering the neckline - no-one else gives that level of customisation! I love that sometimes I spill food down my front and no one notices... I love that the clothes will last. I love how helpful Kaneena is and the little community she has built.

Oh wow, I know I have said this before but your review REALLY did make my day today. Thank you for sharing your experience for other customers and taking the time to write such lovely feedback - it means the world to me to know you love your Kablooie gear. THANKYOU!

by Hannah McGlue on Kablooie Store
I live in my Kablooie breastfeeding dresses!

I LIVE in my Kablooie breastfeeding dresses, and now my Showtime breastfeeding top. I have three dresses and they are perfect - pockets for the essentials (why do so many women’s clothes STILL not have pockets - thank you the patriarchy...), comfy fit and so easy to feed in anytime and anywhere with no fiddly zips that claim to be able to be operated with one hand! I haven’t even mentioned the prints yet - breastfeeding clothes that aren’t black, grey or striped! Luxury and I feel like my normal colourful self again! I want one in every print, now I’m heading back to work in a couple of weeks perhaps I will do that....!

Hannah I am thrilled that you love your dresses, this is exactly why I spent so long trying to develop a breastfeeding dress for my range - so you could feed without sacrificing your own style and your comfort and convenience! Thank you so much.

by Lisa on Kablooie Store
All the things - so customisable - so good

I can't believe I haven't left a review before now (I didn't realise it was here before or I would have left 20 by now)

I found Kablooie at a time where I couldn't find anything awesome to fit my body shape that reflected my personality. I felt uncomfortable in everything. Then I found Kablooie *insert oh ohhh oh ohhhh music here*. I very quickly accumulated a wardrobe full of website and custom pieces to wear. Needed bigger arm holes. No problem. Wanted a dress longer. No problem. Nothing is an issue. Everything is possible. Everything is worth every cent . Garments wash up well. Hold their shape.

Plus you get brilliant unique prints, bright colours, whilst being completely comfortable whilst looking awesome. Don't question... just buy. You won't regret it. Lisa x

Oh Lisa, you are one of my faves for a reason - such a lovely customer, you’re a joy to dress and I love seeing how you style each piece. Thank you so much for the review!

by Jessica on Kablooie Store
All Eyes On ME

I have the all eyes on me skirt and people love it! I love it! I get compliments wherever I go! It's super comfy, wears well, fun, and freaky fresh! Extra points for giant snack holes aka pockets 5 out of 5!

Jessica thank you so much for your review, it truly absolutely made my day, that print is SO fun! 🎉🎉

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