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Do you love bold, colourful, oversized designs (think Gorman - yum!) ? But you WISH they came in a more inclusive size range? (How does sizes 4-26 sound?) Do quirky, playful designs give you  a thrill?

Then say hello to your new favourite brand - Kablooie! Colourful, happy, individually hand made clothes that make you smile everytime you put them on.

Kablooie is not just another face in the fashion crowd. Each fabric showcases exclusive designs, created in collaboration with independant local Australian artists - you  won't find these pieces anywhere else.

Each garment is individually handcrafted for you, by me, and my team of local seamstresses in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

Take a glimpse behind the scenes at Kablooie, and find out more about how we work.

Laura review

'I want them ALL!'

My breastfeeding dress arrived and I LOVE IT!  So comfy and easy to feed in and the shape is just so perfect! Not a shapeless sack but also not super clingy on my mum tum! Amazing! Also pockets! Why do people even make dresses without pockets!? You've done such an amazing job. Thank you! No more boring navy/black/grey or just stripes for this Mumma! I wish I could have one in every print.

Laura Nathan (beautiful Mum and Kablooie customer)

Kristina Review

I couldn't believe it!

I went to South Australia and was chased out of the store - I thought I had not paid for something, but no - she just wanted to say "I love your dress!". So many people commented on it!


Mel Review

Love the Customisation - more than 5 stars!

Couldn’t love my ever growing Kablooie Collection more. Love that you can add length and Keneena is so accomodating with any requests as well. Short turn around time, if I could give more than 5 * I would! ✔️

Mel Woods (gorgeous style maestro @curvycartel on Instagram)

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