Do you love colourful, happy fashion you won't find anywhere else?

Do you want vibrant, quirky Australian made clothes that come in your size, AND bring you joy?

At Kablooie, you'll find fabulous fashion, colourful clothing, and unexpectedly quirky designs.

All designed and individually handmade to order in sizes 4-24, with options to customise your garment.

Because EVERY body deserves amazing clothes.

Pssst - Also, all Kablooie Clothing Collections are proudly Australian Made AND Owned.

Shop the exciting new Kablooie Ladies Pants Collection!

Get ready to make a splash with Simply The Zest, a fresh new collection bursting with citrus colours and deliciousness.

I didn't choose the Yum Cha lyfe, the Yum Cha lyfe chose me. Sink your teeth into this deliciously quirky design.

Tigers and Dragons and unicorns - oh MY!  Welcome to the opulent world of midnight fantasia, an elaborate private garden of fantastical creatures - where magic might just exist, and anything can happen!

Get ready to PART-AAY with the fun, flattering print. Party time is ready to go where ever you do, from your workday, evening out or weekend brunch.

This incredibly popular design stunningly showcases the things we love about growing up Australian - sunny beaches, stunning outback, and vibrant cities.

Let's go floral, in a totally Kablooie way - vibrant, colourful and really big!  This happy garden print makes every day feel like summer time.

Everyone is unique, colourful and pretty darn amazing - that's what the exclusive Faces design is all about.  Find your own piece of wearable art.

Bold and edgy with a hint of over the top 80's. You'll stand out from the crowd in this incredible design.

Hot pink and orange combine in this visually stunning print, perfect for the Aussie summer.

Take a walk on the wild side with this quirky, animal print inspired design in a vivid and intense blue, or hot pink.

Take the party with you where ever you go in this fun, quirky and creative print - it's wearable HAPPINESS that will bring a smile to your face.

Get ready to BLOOM with this fresh, fabulous new design - Retro Bloom. All the colourful, rainbow, springtime vibes.

Bright colours and gorgeous native birds pop on a black background, in this gorgeous Australian themed print.

This print is BANANAS, hehe.  Full of banana bunches, luscious dripping mangoes and tropical leaves, I like to think of this print as my iconic Queensland design.  Enjoy!

AVO good day everyday in this fantastic avocado print, against a luscious warm orange.  The humble avocado becomes a fashion icon in this quirky design.

Brilliant, shining, lighting up a room!  Luminous is the newest australian designed collection from Kablooie and trust me, you WILL be dazzled.

Why eat your greens when you can wear them?  This design is incredibly popular with nutritionists, foodies, and anyone else who loves to make a quirky statement with fashion.

Sunsets fairy floss and days at the beach - find your perfect weekend wear with this artist collaboration.

Retro fun with a pop of candy colour! This design is for all of you who remember slap bands, tamagochi's, and the heady feeling of finishing your first MIX TAPE.


Looking for non-boring, breastfeeding dresses? Done with bland, blah, beige choices just cos you're breastfeeding?

Well, Kablooie is here to rescue you, with a selection of my most popular, vibrant prints. Colourful, happy breastfeeding fashion. Designed and made in Australian. Choose from ridiculously comfortable dresses or tops in a range of quirky colourful prints.

Each piece is made with a soft, stretchy, jersey range that is so comfortable you'll never want to take it off.

Explore the collection now.

Customer Love - Read Some Reviews

Laura review

'I want them ALL!'

My breastfeeding dress arrived and I LOVE IT!  So comfy and easy to feed in and the shape is just so perfect! Not a shapeless sack but also not super clingy on my mum tum! Amazing! Also pockets! Why do people even make dresses without pockets!? You've done such an amazing job. Thank you! No more boring navy/black/grey or just stripes for this Mumma! I wish I could have one in every print.

Laura Nathan (beautiful Mum and Kablooie customer)


I couldn't believe it!

I went to South Australia and was chased out of the store - I thought I had not paid for something, but no - she just wanted to say "I love your dress!". So many people commented on it!


Love the Customisation - more than 5 stars!

Couldn’t love my ever growing Kablooie Collection more. Love that you can add length and Keneena is so accomodating with any requests as well. Short turn around time, if I could give more than 5 * I would! ✔️

Mel Woods (gorgeous style maestro @curvycartel on Instagram)

Do you love bold, colourful, oversized designs?  (think Gorman - yum!)  Do quirky, playful designs give you  a thrill?

Then say hello to your new favourite brand - Kablooie! Colourful, happy, Australian made clothes that make you smile everytime you put them on.

Kablooie is not just another face in the fashion crowd. Each fabric showcases exclusive designs, created in collaboration with independant local artists - you  won't find these pieces anywhere else.

Each garment is individually handcrafted for you, by me, and my team of local seamstresses in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

Take a glimpse behind the scenes at Kablooie, and find out more about how we work.


Because each Kablooie piece is made to order in careful, small batch production, sell outs are common, and pieces are unique and sought after.

Become a Kablooie VIP  to be the first to know about previews of everything new, pre shopping for VIPs, and restocks of popular products so you don't miss out.


Love genuine 'one of a kind' pieces?  Never want to miss a clearance sale?  You'll love my secret Facebook shopping group!  You'll find limited runs of fun designer fabric, special pieces made from vintage or upcycled fabric, and my rare but oh-so-worth-it sample clearance sales.

Custom order nights are an adrenaline rush as everyone jumps to grab an amazing piece that may never appear again. Come be part of my secret shopping club! #we'rebestfriendsnow

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