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How YOU can accessorise with confidence to make your style POP!!

So there you are, in the 7 minutes you have available in the morning – you’ve grabbed your clothes, you’ve put on makeup (erm,maybe)… but sister, you ain’t ready for the day until you have ACCCESSORISED!!

Wanna improve your accessory game or break out of a cycle of blah outfits? Or maybe you’re all over it but just wanna discover new faves? If you’re lost on where to start, READ ON!!

Accessories can make the simplest outfit transform into something fabulous and help you shine. Yeah I KNOW! I can here you thinking…these days my version of well dressed is anything that’s not PJs. And my fave accessory is BIG dark sunglasses.

I TOTALLY get where you’re coming from! Especially for Mums, sometimes life happens…. and our style comes in last behind the job, the kids, the piles of washing, cleaning baby puke off your shoulder and old squashed banana out of your kid’s kindy bag …again!

But trust me, accessorizing takes so little time and adds a HUGE boost to your confidence.

My tip for you? Pick a hero piece – will it be some fun earrings? A unique necklace? Pick something that fits your style and makes you feel fab! I love pairing a quirky tee with some fun bright earrings, simple jeans and my fave sandals. (PS did you know I’ve just launched a new range of fun and stylish ladies Tops? you can see them here!)

But don’t just take my word for it!! I also chatted to some Uh-MAaazing women – talented accessory designers and makers – who have shared their top accessorizing tips JUST FOR YOU!

Marayna Baker (Kenzie Collective)

Marayna Baker, designer behind Kenzie Collective

Knowing where to start can feel stressful but my advice is, don’t let it be! Have fun, chose items that appeal to you!

Starting with classic accessory staples is a good starting point and then, build from there. Choosing a pair of black, bamboo, pastel and bright coloured studs, would be a good way to begin building your accessory collection. Don’t just settle for simple circles. Why not add another basic design to the mix? Maybe a triangle, semi-circle, diamond, chevron arrow…. Next minute, your lobes will be sporting cactus or dachshund designs!

Dangle earrings can scare the absolute jeepers out of people! So for your first time, maybe hold off on wearing metallic prawns, dangling from your lobes! Simple, minimal, lightweight and versatile – that’s what you want in your first pair of dangles. Something you will wear over and over again regardless if it’s to work, evening drinks or even to the shopping centre.

A fun statement ring can also be an easy way to add some character to your wardrobe. I am not talking about jumping straight in and wearing a T-Rex ring, but maybe a metallic foil or even a rainbow glitter option.

Learn to love accessorising and embrace the FUN. This will lead to more daring decisions, later on down the track.

New Kenzie Collective dangles!

I have one rule when it comes to accessorising……STUFF THE RULES!

It’s as simple as that. Who has the right to tell you what you can and can’t wear. YOU wear what YOU want! That has been my number one piece of accessory advice since establishing Kenzie Collective.

Let your personality shine through your choice of accessories! That’s what I do. Be confident in who you are. This confidence will ooze as you strut down the street in your polka dot & striped attire, teamed with neon statement dangles and chunky mixed matched necklace. You are YOU and no one can rock your personality like YOU!

Pick my favourite accessory?? Oh gosh, you are killing me! How on earth can I choose 1, 2, 5, or 10!

I accessorise to match how I am feeling, for the day. This means, I can easily change my accessory choice multiple times in the space of 12 hours. It drives my husband bonkers!

Kenzie Collective dangle on a Shell Accessory holder from BonMaxie

If I had to choose a few items, I would pick a few pieces from a number of our Summer collections. A pair of ‘Metallic’ dangles (statement of course!), Paparazzi ‘Jem’ studs (the design of these babes screams PIZZAZ), Punchy Purple ‘Disc’ Ring, one of our ‘Pom Pom’ rope necklaces (which we no longer make but still LOVE to pieces) and finally…..a pair of our up & coming ‘Frosty’ mix-it dangles. We can’t give too much away as these will be released early February but I can sneakily tell you that they are AH-MAZING!


Megan Howells (Meg Makes)

Megan Howells, designer behind Meg Makes

I’m constantly on the hunt for new and fabulous accessories. I follow HEAPS of amazing people on social media just to see what is out and about or how someone might style something.

If you ever see something that you LOVE, say a big necklace, giant earrings or bright shoes but think ‘I could never pull that off’, stop that now. Everyone can pull off everything. If you love it – wear it!!

If it doesn’t go with anything – it goes with everything! I’m a huge, huge fan of clashing prints and colours. I never shy away from bold colours or patterns. Also – I never keep things for ‘special occasions’. Make everyday fabulous and wear those earrings, strut those heels and use that clutch!

Right now – I am living and BREATHING earrings! The bigger, the better!! I am loving anything super bright or metallic and find myself wearing huge earrings, bright sandals & bags, everything!

Some pretty Fab Rainbow Ghost Earrings from Meg Makes.

I am utterly obsessed with my Rainbow Ghost earrings, and when I made these – I immediately kept them for myself! So I’d have to say these are my favourite, however it changes so frequently, I’ll be utterly obsessed with something else next week! Haha


Kirsten Devitt (Each To Own)

Kirsten Devitt

Accessorising in the past was about drawing attention to parts of the body and avoiding others but I really do think if you just love a piece and you feel like being daring, go for it – whack it on!  Pile heaps on if you are feeling a bit Iris/Miley; pare it back if you are feeling minimal – just really do what you feel and be who you feel like being on that day.

I rarely ever find clothing that lets me express myself so I tend to go very basic with the clothes and go nuts with the accessories.  Overall I think you need to work out what you really feel comfy with.  If you tend to wear you hair up a lot you might want to go with earrings. Or if you have a great neck, a necklace might be the way to go.  I know that I have big boobs – so I tend to want to rule out necklaces and brooches, and go for earrings and bangles. That’s where I feel comfy embellishing. But I don’t think that there are hard and fast rules these days.  If you love it wear it.

I’m a bit of a ‘reverse accessorisor’ (is that a word?!  If not I’m adding it to the lexicon!).  I’ll build an outfit around accessories rather than treat them as something to pop on as you head out the door.  It’s a pretty personal thing.  I think of them first because they are pretty much all I ever think about in my day job! 😀 I personally like to pile on everything, go to the mirror and ask myself “Too much?” and take it back from there…if I feel like it – some days too much is the way to go!  But always earrings, ALWAYS.  I like that earrings are the closest thing to your eyes and smile, and that’s where people should be looking if they are engaging with you as a person.

Some fabulous bling from Each To Own

Having just said earrings, ALWAYS earrings, my absolute favourite accessory/accessories are my Fable Folk hand-painted wooden bangles.  I never leave home without two or three on.  They are always noticed and always commented on.  They make me feel great and I truly don’t feel like me if I don’t have them on.  I guess that is what accessorising is all about – reflecting your personality and being you through wearing what you love 🙂



There you go – so many tips on where to start! And you should totally check out the Instagram feeds and online stores of these three talented ladies! Trust, me you’ll have a wish list as long as your arm beofe you can say ‘accessorise me!’. Ladies, go forth and accessorise! And above all, relax and have fun – you’re already fabulous!!!