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FIESTA! How to style your next party PLUS free printable!

Hey, Kablooie Fans! I’m Hollie – wife, mum to one, designer/content curator/head honcho at Little Goldfish, lover of all things celebrations, design, environment, and of course, colour (favourite is blue – anywhere on the spectrum – in case you’re wondering)!

Before going any further: Keneena thank you so much for having me here on your blog! When Keneena asked if I’d like to write a guest post about colour and parties, I jumped at the chance. Straight away, my mind went into overdrive. I knew what I wanted to achieve, but did I have the time to do it? In short, no I didn’t. A callout on Instagram for a stylist found me the gorgeous Katie from True North Events and thanks to modern technology we discussed and planned how I envisaged the setup. Katie nailed it.

Brief: To bring colour, quirkiness, fresh fun stuff in the form of a party to the Kablooie audience

Plan: Styled shoot filled with colour

Inspiration: Pantone Color of the Year 2017, Greenery

Color of the Year: Greenery

Ordinarily, I’m not a trendy person. My personal style is late 30s through to early 60s (I’ve even got a pin-up alter ego!). However, I can’t help but follow Pantone’s Color of the Year, announced every December since 2010. Last year Greenery was announced as 2017’s colour and boy is it beautiful! A divine yellow-green that can be carried across all seasons of the year.

Colour Palettes: Rev It Up and Moody Blooms

One solitary colour, but how on earth do you pair it with others without clashing? Pantone thinks of everything and takes care of the hard work for you. Greenery is paired with 10 colour palettes: Transitions, Ethereal Material, Grand Canyon, Forest Floor, Rev It Up, Fathomless, Analogous, Moody Blooms, Deep Rooted, and Calm It Down. In each palette, Greenery takes on different qualities: sometimes it’s bright, others it’s pared back. So incredibly versatile.

Scrolling through the palettes, Rev It Up and Moody Blooms jumped off the screen screaming, “Keneena and Kablooie!” Putting them together, side by side, all I could think of was a fiesta. Translated, fiesta means party. It seems kind of silly to style a party in the ‘theme’ of a party, right?! Stay with me. Fiestas are vibrant, they are fun, they are simple. They are about music, dance, food, togetherness. That’s what a party is, no? Celebrating with those you love and having a smashing time!

Forget the siesta, it's time to fiesta! Get some colour into your next party.

Using Colour in your Party

Using colour in parties doesn’t have to be difficult: You can use varying shades of one colour, match two or more (different) colours together, use accents of one colour on an otherwise neutral palette, the sky is the limit really. Katie and I combined colours from the two palettes to bring you a lush yet quirky and fun styled celebration set up, as well as a vibrant and quirky invitation and selection of mini prints.

Colour Pop: Fiesta #1

Really playing on Greenery, this table is perfect for all occasions. Katie found the perfect fabric with monstera leaves printed all over (quick fact: monstera plants are native to southern Mexico!) to layer over hessian. From there, she worked with the Rev It Up palette.


Colour Pop: Fiesta #2

Take your party up a notch by adding some luxe-looking statement pieces, monochrome fabric, and rearranging other styling pieces. Perfect for evening soirees, with or without the kids.



Colour Pop: Fiesta #3

Rev It Up’s darker cousin Moody Blooms really stands out in this gorgeous kids set up. I particularly love the apple printed fabric Katie found in Spotlight. To bring more Greenery to the party, Katie used some gorgeous trimmings as accents woven around the teepee top.

Colour Pop: Fiesta #4

Bright and zesty, this vibrant kids’ set up is perfect for warmer weather, or those days you’re dreaming of warmer weather. As you can see, the fabric is draped over the hessian of the teepee, bring some pineapples from the main tablescape and voila – a whole new look!


There you have it: Four looks, two colour palettes, and a world of fun! Invest in key pieces in neutral tones and spice your party up with colourful statement pieces to create the perfect mood.

Love the mini prints? Grab your free set here! I’d love to see how you use them around the home or for your next party – use #fiestadelg on Instagram, post them on my Facebook page, or pop a picture in the comments below!