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InstaBiz in the Spotlight: Tillie Frank Designs
Love on trend, gorgeous home decor? Then you’ll love everything from Lauren at Tillie Frank Designs!! She’s also a gifted photographer and designer…I was so excited to catch up with Lauren and find out more about her and her business!

What are 5 fast facts about you?
✏️I took 4 years to complete a double bachelor at uni doing a crazy 5 units a semester and also working fifo.
✏️If I could own an animal of choice it would be a pig.
✏️I am also a qualified gymnastics coach, gymnastics has been a huge part of my life.
✏️I actually really enjoy wakeboarding. Much to my surprise.
✏️I’d secretly love to be a photojournalist. Running wild in the world with no attachments!

How would you define your household style?
My home is a mixture of black and white and all sorts. I change my house more than my underwear and get bored of styles! I’m constantly at a crossroad. I love modern and scandi, love white, but also just don’t want to be like everyone else. My style is what we can afford!

What is your inspiration for Tillie Frank Designs?
My inspiration for Tillie Frank is probably the same as most small business women, independence and contribution to our family doing something that I love. I started Tillie Frank as purely my photography business and expanded into homewares, I do what I do when I can. I felt that after completing a double bachelor in the field surely I could start my own if I couldn’t find a job out there!

What is your idea of an ideal day?
My ideal day would be flying with family and close friends who ride, to the best dirtbike track in the world, trialing the best new range of bikes and gear, cold beers and a bbq.

What’s a goal for you in 2016?
In 2016 I hope to expand in my homewares range with a couple of new items on the market, however it won’t be my main goal. I am looking into broaching new areas with my true passion – photography. I also will be testing the waters and advertising my availibilty for logo and business card design. After being approached by a fellow small business and then word of mouth it has landed me with 6 gigs in the last 2 months!

You can find Tillie Frank Designs on Instagram or online at