How to dress to feel and look awesome!

The clothes we wear have the power to help us feel and look fabulous whatever our shape and size. The wrong clothes however can make us feel drab, uncomfortable and maybe not quite ourselves.

Here’s some top tips for finding the clothes that’ll make you shine and have you hollering “here I come everyone!”

1. Do you boo!

Find clothes that express who you are. Not the shy, retiring type? Then don’t buy clothes that make you blend into the background! Own your boldness and wear what you love. Be bright, be fun, be you!

Jen from Fussy Gus review
These Pretzels Ladies Babydoll Dress in orange
party time in pink
Party Time Ladies Top in Pink
Aussie Birds Ladies Babydoll Dress
Aussie Birds Ladies Babydoll Dress

2. Choose inclusive brands

Many small Aussie brands are starting to hear our cries: “We’re not all size 10!!” Reward the brands that are inclusive with your business. Kablooie kicked off 2019 by listening when you said you wanted more sizing options. Sizes 4 -24 are now standard. Oh hey, and chat to us for options outside that. We believe in sharing the love!

Prawny Prawn Ladies Babydoll dress and topknot in pink
Prawny Prawn Ladies Babydoll dress and topknot in pink
nicole in kablooie
Bananas for Mangoes Ladies Babydoll Dress in blue

3. Get that fit just right!

Imagine clothes where you could say “scoop that neck a bit, oh and take off a bit off length, that’s what my body needs to shine”. Well look no further, Kablooie has a range of customisations at no extra cost, and a few for a small charge. Sometimes a little tweaking is all it takes for you to feel comfy, confident and awesome!

Mel curvy cartel photo in faces
Faces Ladies Babydoll Dress in Black with custom longer sleeves

No matter what your shape or size you deserve to be fabulous and to feel amazing! Don’t let anyone hold you back!