How to dress to feel and look awesome!

The clothes we wear have the power to help us feel and look fabulous whatever our shape and size. The wrong clothes however can make us feel drab, uncomfortable and maybe not quite ourselves.

Here’s some top tips for finding the clothes that’ll make you shine and have you hollering “here I come everyone!”

1. Do you boo!

Find clothes that express who you are. Not the shy, retiring type? Then don’t buy clothes that make you blend into the background! Own your boldness and wear what you love. Be bright, be fun, be you!

Jen from Fussy Gus review
These Pretzels Ladies Babydoll Dress in orange
party time in pink
Party Time Ladies Top in Pink
Aussie Birds Ladies Babydoll Dress
Aussie Birds Ladies Babydoll Dress

2. Choose inclusive brands

Many small Aussie brands are starting to hear our cries: “We’re not all size 10!!” Reward the brands that are inclusive with your business. Kablooie kicked off 2019 by listening when you said you wanted more sizing options. Sizes 4 -24 are now standard. Oh hey, and chat to us for options outside that. We believe in sharing the love!

Prawny Prawn Ladies Babydoll dress and topknot in pink
Prawny Prawn Ladies Babydoll dress and topknot in pink
nicole in kablooie
Bananas for Mangoes Ladies Babydoll Dress in blue

3. Get that fit just right!

Imagine clothes where you could say “scoop that neck a bit, oh and take off a bit off length, that’s what my body needs to shine”. Well look no further, Kablooie has a range of customisations at no extra cost, and a few for a small charge. Sometimes a little tweaking is all it takes for you to feel comfy, confident and awesome!

Mel curvy cartel photo in faces
Faces Ladies Babydoll Dress in Black with custom longer sleeves

No matter what your shape or size you deserve to be fabulous and to feel amazing! Don’t let anyone hold you back!

Making Australiana Great Again!

You see what I did there!?!

Think Australiana should stay back in the 80s where it belongs??? Think again! Kablooiestore has worked with Australian Designer Ellie Whittaker to bring you prints that sum up what’s awesome about Australia without any reminders of Aunt Myrtle’s yesteryear fashion staples.

orange avo good day dress
‘Avo Good Day’ ladies babydoll dress in orange

I mean are you Australian if you don’t love a bit of avo on toast or in a fresh summer salad? I think not! ‘Avo Good Day’ is a design that will have everyone in the lunchroom inspired to get some of that green goodness.

Prawny Prawn Ladies Babydoll dress and topknot in pink
Prawny Prawn Ladies Babydoll dress and topknot in pink

Another fun ode to Australia is our zany Pink Prawny Prawn design. Bonus points for the man of the house telling you to ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie!’ I mean, punners gonna pun!

Deck The Prawns Ladies babydoll and regular dress
Deck The Prawns Ladies babydoll and regular dress

“Oh what fun it is to ride in a rusty Holden ute!” Christmas in Australia is often dominated by sleigh bells, reindeer and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Why not put the Australiana back into Christmas with this homage to down under – Watermelon! Manoges and Avocado too! Now we’re talking.

Ladies Bananas for Mangoes babydoll dress in pink
Ladies Bananas for Mangoes babydoll dress in pink

Speaking of fruit lovers, check out Bananas for Mangoes. It’s tropical all the way. I mean, who can resist their first mango of the summer season? Yum! Yum!

Ladies Aussie Birds babydoll dress
Ladies Aussie Birds babydoll dress

Convinced yet? Should I seal the deal? Look no further than Aussie Birds. This incredible design is by Natalie Perkins of Fancy Lady Industries. All your favourites are here to remind you of home sweet home – rainbow lorikeets, galahs, the humble budgee. They’ve all come to the party!

So get on the Australian bandwagon! You know you want too! Together we can make Australiana great again!

19 Fabulous Reasons to accessorise!!

If I had a mantra in life it would be..when in doubt, accessorise!! Either that or ‘never let a day go without eating chocolate’….Or ‘Donuts are Amazing and Necessary’. But I digress. Accessories are my happy place. They dress up your outfit, give you abit of personality and pizzazz, and they’re just so fun! And when they’re sparkly, colourful, unique and funky, there’s just no way you can go wrong.

I love accessories

I’m just assuming some of you are as obsessed with finding the perfect accessory as I am….so I’ve done a round-up of my favourite earring and accessory makers on Instagram right now.  While it was so tempting to keep adding to this list, I had to stop before it turned into an encyclopaedia!!

There are SO MANY amazing designers and makers out there just waiting to complete your outfit and amp up your style…and Instagram is one of the best places to find them! So without further ado, here’s my list of incredible accessory designers and makers that you’ve gotta check out. Instagram and Shop links are included because I’m nothing if not a shopping enabler. You can than me later! Colourful, unique and aall round RAD, there’s something for everyone in this epic list!


1. Kenzie Collective

So I actually own more Kenzie Collective  bling than I can count….with more on my wishlist – this babe knows how to creat colourful, fun and funky accessories to rock your style – and keep you coming back for more!

2. Each To Own

A perfect combination of sophisticated glitz and glamour and colourful, quirky fun (Well, that’s what I think anyway)! Kristen Devitt is the grand master of  statement ear bling!

3. Meg Makes

Big, colourful and vibrant, this new designer on the scene knows how to make an ear statement. I LOVE my rainbow ghosts from Meg Makes, and I get comments on them everywhere I go!


4. Noosh designs

Sooo much gorgeous -I love the outside the box GLAM designs from this babe – from funky 3D printed jewellery to gorgeous resin!


5. Wahboo

Colourful statement earrings with a good dose of light hearted fun – crushing on the fairy bread dangles!!!


6. Mel at Hurley

Oversized, fun and quirky – have you seen the squidtopia dangles available through Kenzie Collective?! The rad factor is out of the park here!


7.Rowdy Design

OH! Just loving the art series – dreamy splashes of vibrant colour, like watercolour dripped in water – Beautiful!


8. Iriwoo

I’m in love with the beautifully marbled colours in intriguing and original shapes – the green especially!


9. Concrete Jellyfish co.

This label is something special. It’s like wearing stunning, colourful miniature sculptures on your loves. Each piece tells a story and I’m completely in love.  On the wish list for sure!


10. Renee Damiani 

Oooh these are like wearable abstract art pieces,I love the colours, shapes and basically everything about this label. Bright, pops of pastel and neon colours – heaven!


11. zaracate designs

I’m crushing on the gorgeous tone of yellow in her resin bracelets and rings right now! It’s like wearing sunshine!!


12. Materiel design

I love these unique designs – a touch of Art Deco, vibrant lush colour, these pieces defy categorising, but they are FABULOUS!


13. Liona Lee

Make a statement with original button jewellery – I especially love the bling, I have the disco hot pink ones! These gold button pendant and earring sets to die for!


14. Deux earrings

Unique, handpainted, in a mix of mediums, I love how so many of these pieces look like a little artwork!


15. Ingo au

Quirky earring names and seriously fab colours and shapes, these babes know how to spoil your lobes with fabulous statement pieces. Love my Ingo bling!


16 Antipastel

I was smitten as soon as I saw the pavlova and prawn dangles – eeeeek! A party for your ears!



17 Birdee and star

What can I say? Gorgeous sparkly pieces with plenty of quirk and fun  – plus this babe makes a broccoli brooch that’s a perfect match for my gear!



18 Done By Daisy 

I love love love the quirky miniature artworks disguised as ear candy that this gal creates. I have bunches of bananas Fromm her…and I seriously want more Done by Daisy creations!!

Done by Daisy earrings


19 Bonmaxie

Aaaaaand last but not least…..the perfect match for all these gorgeous new accessories you’re gonna want! Bonmaxie earring boards – the perfect anti boring earring storage solution. (Plus you can pick up the most FAB key rings from this babe! Love mine!)



And there you go, quicker than you can say ‘where’s my credit card?’ , you’ve got a list of new stores to explore and love, and the potential for a whoooole lotta fabulous accessorising! I’d love to hear what you think! Do you love these stores too? And do you have faves I haven’t discovered yet?Let me know in the comments below!


Keneena xx

FIESTA! How to style your next party PLUS free printable!

Hey, Kablooie Fans! I’m Hollie – wife, mum to one, designer/content curator/head honcho at Little Goldfish, lover of all things celebrations, design, environment, and of course, colour (favourite is blue – anywhere on the spectrum – in case you’re wondering)!

Before going any further: Keneena thank you so much for having me here on your blog! When Keneena asked if I’d like to write a guest post about colour and parties, I jumped at the chance. Straight away, my mind went into overdrive. I knew what I wanted to achieve, but did I have the time to do it? In short, no I didn’t. A callout on Instagram for a stylist found me the gorgeous Katie from True North Events and thanks to modern technology we discussed and planned how I envisaged the setup. Katie nailed it.

Brief: To bring colour, quirkiness, fresh fun stuff in the form of a party to the Kablooie audience

Plan: Styled shoot filled with colour

Inspiration: Pantone Color of the Year 2017, Greenery

Color of the Year: Greenery

Ordinarily, I’m not a trendy person. My personal style is late 30s through to early 60s (I’ve even got a pin-up alter ego!). However, I can’t help but follow Pantone’s Color of the Year, announced every December since 2010. Last year Greenery was announced as 2017’s colour and boy is it beautiful! A divine yellow-green that can be carried across all seasons of the year.

Colour Palettes: Rev It Up and Moody Blooms

One solitary colour, but how on earth do you pair it with others without clashing? Pantone thinks of everything and takes care of the hard work for you. Greenery is paired with 10 colour palettes: Transitions, Ethereal Material, Grand Canyon, Forest Floor, Rev It Up, Fathomless, Analogous, Moody Blooms, Deep Rooted, and Calm It Down. In each palette, Greenery takes on different qualities: sometimes it’s bright, others it’s pared back. So incredibly versatile.

Scrolling through the palettes, Rev It Up and Moody Blooms jumped off the screen screaming, “Keneena and Kablooie!” Putting them together, side by side, all I could think of was a fiesta. Translated, fiesta means party. It seems kind of silly to style a party in the ‘theme’ of a party, right?! Stay with me. Fiestas are vibrant, they are fun, they are simple. They are about music, dance, food, togetherness. That’s what a party is, no? Celebrating with those you love and having a smashing time!

Forget the siesta, it's time to fiesta! Get some colour into your next party.

Using Colour in your Party

Using colour in parties doesn’t have to be difficult: You can use varying shades of one colour, match two or more (different) colours together, use accents of one colour on an otherwise neutral palette, the sky is the limit really. Katie and I combined colours from the two palettes to bring you a lush yet quirky and fun styled celebration set up, as well as a vibrant and quirky invitation and selection of mini prints.

Colour Pop: Fiesta #1

Really playing on Greenery, this table is perfect for all occasions. Katie found the perfect fabric with monstera leaves printed all over (quick fact: monstera plants are native to southern Mexico!) to layer over hessian. From there, she worked with the Rev It Up palette.


Colour Pop: Fiesta #2

Take your party up a notch by adding some luxe-looking statement pieces, monochrome fabric, and rearranging other styling pieces. Perfect for evening soirees, with or without the kids.



Colour Pop: Fiesta #3

Rev It Up’s darker cousin Moody Blooms really stands out in this gorgeous kids set up. I particularly love the apple printed fabric Katie found in Spotlight. To bring more Greenery to the party, Katie used some gorgeous trimmings as accents woven around the teepee top.

Colour Pop: Fiesta #4

Bright and zesty, this vibrant kids’ set up is perfect for warmer weather, or those days you’re dreaming of warmer weather. As you can see, the fabric is draped over the hessian of the teepee, bring some pineapples from the main tablescape and voila – a whole new look!


There you have it: Four looks, two colour palettes, and a world of fun! Invest in key pieces in neutral tones and spice your party up with colourful statement pieces to create the perfect mood.

Love the mini prints? Grab your free set here! I’d love to see how you use them around the home or for your next party – use #fiestadelg on Instagram, post them on my Facebook page, or pop a picture in the comments below!

How YOU can accessorise with confidence to make your style POP!!

So there you are, in the 7 minutes you have available in the morning – you’ve grabbed your clothes, you’ve put on makeup (erm,maybe)… but sister, you ain’t ready for the day until you have ACCCESSORISED!!

Wanna improve your accessory game or break out of a cycle of blah outfits? Or maybe you’re all over it but just wanna discover new faves? If you’re lost on where to start, READ ON!!

Accessories can make the simplest outfit transform into something fabulous and help you shine. Yeah I KNOW! I can here you thinking…these days my version of well dressed is anything that’s not PJs. And my fave accessory is BIG dark sunglasses.

I TOTALLY get where you’re coming from! Especially for Mums, sometimes life happens…. and our style comes in last behind the job, the kids, the piles of washing, cleaning baby puke off your shoulder and old squashed banana out of your kid’s kindy bag …again!

But trust me, accessorizing takes so little time and adds a HUGE boost to your confidence.

My tip for you? Pick a hero piece – will it be some fun earrings? A unique necklace? Pick something that fits your style and makes you feel fab! I love pairing a quirky tee with some fun bright earrings, simple jeans and my fave sandals. (PS did you know I’ve just launched a new range of fun and stylish ladies Tops? you can see them here!)

But don’t just take my word for it!! I also chatted to some Uh-MAaazing women – talented accessory designers and makers – who have shared their top accessorizing tips JUST FOR YOU!

Marayna Baker (Kenzie Collective)

Marayna Baker, designer behind Kenzie Collective

Knowing where to start can feel stressful but my advice is, don’t let it be! Have fun, chose items that appeal to you!

Starting with classic accessory staples is a good starting point and then, build from there. Choosing a pair of black, bamboo, pastel and bright coloured studs, would be a good way to begin building your accessory collection. Don’t just settle for simple circles. Why not add another basic design to the mix? Maybe a triangle, semi-circle, diamond, chevron arrow…. Next minute, your lobes will be sporting cactus or dachshund designs!

Dangle earrings can scare the absolute jeepers out of people! So for your first time, maybe hold off on wearing metallic prawns, dangling from your lobes! Simple, minimal, lightweight and versatile – that’s what you want in your first pair of dangles. Something you will wear over and over again regardless if it’s to work, evening drinks or even to the shopping centre.

A fun statement ring can also be an easy way to add some character to your wardrobe. I am not talking about jumping straight in and wearing a T-Rex ring, but maybe a metallic foil or even a rainbow glitter option.

Learn to love accessorising and embrace the FUN. This will lead to more daring decisions, later on down the track.

New Kenzie Collective dangles!

I have one rule when it comes to accessorising……STUFF THE RULES!

It’s as simple as that. Who has the right to tell you what you can and can’t wear. YOU wear what YOU want! That has been my number one piece of accessory advice since establishing Kenzie Collective.

Let your personality shine through your choice of accessories! That’s what I do. Be confident in who you are. This confidence will ooze as you strut down the street in your polka dot & striped attire, teamed with neon statement dangles and chunky mixed matched necklace. You are YOU and no one can rock your personality like YOU!

Pick my favourite accessory?? Oh gosh, you are killing me! How on earth can I choose 1, 2, 5, or 10!

I accessorise to match how I am feeling, for the day. This means, I can easily change my accessory choice multiple times in the space of 12 hours. It drives my husband bonkers!

Kenzie Collective dangle on a Shell Accessory holder from BonMaxie

If I had to choose a few items, I would pick a few pieces from a number of our Summer collections. A pair of ‘Metallic’ dangles (statement of course!), Paparazzi ‘Jem’ studs (the design of these babes screams PIZZAZ), Punchy Purple ‘Disc’ Ring, one of our ‘Pom Pom’ rope necklaces (which we no longer make but still LOVE to pieces) and finally…..a pair of our up & coming ‘Frosty’ mix-it dangles. We can’t give too much away as these will be released early February but I can sneakily tell you that they are AH-MAZING!

Megan Howells (Meg Makes)

Megan Howells, designer behind Meg Makes

I’m constantly on the hunt for new and fabulous accessories. I follow HEAPS of amazing people on social media just to see what is out and about or how someone might style something.

If you ever see something that you LOVE, say a big necklace, giant earrings or bright shoes but think ‘I could never pull that off’, stop that now. Everyone can pull off everything. If you love it – wear it!!

If it doesn’t go with anything – it goes with everything! I’m a huge, huge fan of clashing prints and colours. I never shy away from bold colours or patterns. Also – I never keep things for ‘special occasions’. Make everyday fabulous and wear those earrings, strut those heels and use that clutch!

Right now – I am living and BREATHING earrings! The bigger, the better!! I am loving anything super bright or metallic and find myself wearing huge earrings, bright sandals & bags, everything!

Some pretty Fab Rainbow Ghost Earrings from Meg Makes.

I am utterly obsessed with my Rainbow Ghost earrings, and when I made these – I immediately kept them for myself! So I’d have to say these are my favourite, however it changes so frequently, I’ll be utterly obsessed with something else next week! Haha

Kirsten Devitt (Each To Own)

Kirsten Devitt

Accessorising in the past was about drawing attention to parts of the body and avoiding others but I really do think if you just love a piece and you feel like being daring, go for it – whack it on!  Pile heaps on if you are feeling a bit Iris/Miley; pare it back if you are feeling minimal – just really do what you feel and be who you feel like being on that day.

I rarely ever find clothing that lets me express myself so I tend to go very basic with the clothes and go nuts with the accessories.  Overall I think you need to work out what you really feel comfy with.  If you tend to wear you hair up a lot you might want to go with earrings. Or if you have a great neck, a necklace might be the way to go.  I know that I have big boobs – so I tend to want to rule out necklaces and brooches, and go for earrings and bangles. That’s where I feel comfy embellishing. But I don’t think that there are hard and fast rules these days.  If you love it wear it.

I’m a bit of a ‘reverse accessorisor’ (is that a word?!  If not I’m adding it to the lexicon!).  I’ll build an outfit around accessories rather than treat them as something to pop on as you head out the door.  It’s a pretty personal thing.  I think of them first because they are pretty much all I ever think about in my day job! 😀 I personally like to pile on everything, go to the mirror and ask myself “Too much?” and take it back from there…if I feel like it – some days too much is the way to go!  But always earrings, ALWAYS.  I like that earrings are the closest thing to your eyes and smile, and that’s where people should be looking if they are engaging with you as a person.

Some fabulous bling from Each To Own

Having just said earrings, ALWAYS earrings, my absolute favourite accessory/accessories are my Fable Folk hand-painted wooden bangles.  I never leave home without two or three on.  They are always noticed and always commented on.  They make me feel great and I truly don’t feel like me if I don’t have them on.  I guess that is what accessorising is all about – reflecting your personality and being you through wearing what you love 🙂


There you go – so many tips on where to start! And you should totally check out the Instagram feeds and online stores of these three talented ladies! Trust, me you’ll have a wish list as long as your arm beofe you can say ‘accessorise me!’. Ladies, go forth and accessorise! And above all, relax and have fun – you’re already fabulous!!!

Amp up your summer style with this FAB prize (and help me out as well!)

***My fab survey is no closed – thank you so much for all of your responses!!***

Hiya awesome peeps! So I’m working hard over here to make sure your experience with Kablooie is as fabulous as it can possibly be. As fabulous as having yummy doughnuts delivered to your door by unicorns with rainbow horns and fairy floss wings. or something. Ha.

Anyway, a huge part of making your experience amazing is finding out a little more about you (no need to reveal deep dark secrets, its okay!). So I’ve designed a super short survey for you to fill out. And when I say super short I mean less than 5 minutes, seriously! Ain’t no one got time for those soul numbing 30 page surveys that make you wanna scream. Bleugh.

I’d love it if you could be a part of shaping the future Kablooie and fill out the survey! With your help it’s sure to be amazing. As a big thank you for helping me out, you’ll go into the draw to win a pretty fab prize pack, valued at over $100.

What could you win? The prize pack includes:
1 – a $50 voucher from yours truly at Kablooie (you can get a ladies skirt for that!! check them out HERE).
2 – a $30 voucher for Kenzie Collective (one of my FAVE accessories stores – check them out here
3 – a $30 voucher for Bonmaxie – another fave store chock full of rad accessory storage and fun gift ideas (

Every completed survey will go into the draw for a chance to win this fab prize. (You can choose to submit anonymously too, with no email address, but anonymous surveys won’t be able to win the prize pack as I need to be able to contact the winner)

Thanks so much for your help – you’re all fabulous and I wish you could all win!

Stay colourful!
Keneena xx

My Fresh and Fab Finds for Spring!!

Well hello there Spring!!  The season of fresh flowers, warmer weather, hay fever, that awful wind…. and the never ending runny nose in our kids! ?

Ha, there are some downsides to spring, but it’s definitely an exciting time for fashion  –  fresh new styles for warmer weather start pouring in, and the colour comes back!  (Unless you are Kablooie Store of course, where the colour never stops! ?❤️)

I’m excited about the fresh new looks for spring at Kablooie – if you haven’t already checked out my newest collection – I’d love to invite you to view them at ! The first release of my Party Time Rara Skirt and Flamingo Fling skirt are now sold out, but they will be back in time for Christmas shopping!

BUT …back to my fab spring finds!!

Here are just a few of my favourites this week…. I hope you love them!   If you’ve got some of your own to share, I’d really love to hear them  – just comment below or via social media –


Noggin and Toosh new spring tunics! I love this retro feel print – doesn’t it just make you happy?!


Oomph and Floss – Organic clothing with attitude! Check those hippos – so much RADNESS!  I was introduced to this brand by Captain & co on Instagram ( and I’m in love!


Neapolitan Homewares – Oh to be a kid again!  These bright bold childrens suitcases are handmade with recycled materials in Europe, and are part of the gorgeous range online.  If you love colour in your home you should be following this store!


Hopscotch Baby is always my go-to girl for gorgeous bloomers in bold prints and I’ve got a fruity crush on these new ones!


Piper and Ike never disappoints! Ash has some bold new collections instore for spring but right now I am GOING BANANAS  over these new handmade shoes. Can’t even deal! ???


Nanna Lou crocheted baby rattles – nothing says warmer weather like icecream and these handmade rattles from local maker Louise are out of this world cool!


If you haven’t yet discovered the delicious world that is Red Bobble then thank me now and head over there pronto! Gorgeous colour and all sorts of fabulous kids accessories (including diy kits)


Anna from Global Bambino has just launched new swimwear for bubs and they are everything! Check out this fabric! ??



I’ve only recently discovered the world of bold prints that is Doowop Kids and I can’t look away – so good!! ????



Fussy Gus has recently released her new Summer of Love collection and it is gloriously retro!  Put it on your must view list!


What do you think? Be sure to check out these Instagram accounts and websites for their full ranges – in my view these are definitely worth adding to your favourites list!

As always I’d love to hear what you think! Chat with me here or on Instagram/Facebook!

Keneena xx









Top Ten Tips for Eye-Catching, Gorgeous Flatlays Everytime!

Heeey!  So you wanna improve your flatlay game?  It’s fun, and addictive!  I love to style a good flatlay, and I’ve come up with my TOP TEN TIPS to help you out! Note – this is not the high tech version, cos I’m not a high tech person! ??But hopefully it will still,be a huge help! ??

Top Tip #1

Decide on your focal point!  When you’re starting out, make just ONE item your feature!  Then build the flatlay around it.  Don’t add items that will overshadow your big ticket item! You can always break this rule later (I often do!) but you’ve gotta understand the rules to break ’em!

Tada! Gorgeous Little Lords red cardi as the focal point!??

Top Tip # 2

Don’t overcrowd your picture!  Whether you’re shooting a real flatlay or composing one on an app, you want enough detail for interest, but not so much your don’t know what you’re looking at!  When you’re taking photos, make sure you don’t zoom in too close – it makes it harder for people to see and appreciate your full flatlay!

Top Tip #3

When shooting photos, find a place with perfect lighting and stick with it – take photos at the same  time, and in the same location, for great results!  You want indirect but good strong natural lighting – think near a window or door, or outside on a patio.


My perfect flatlaying spot is on my front patio, between 10am – 1pm, around about!



Top Tip #4

Dont be afraid to edit your photos, but DON’T over edit them!!  There are lots of editing programs out there, including snap seed and picmonkey.  I mostly use just the apply photo app editing tools! I find once you take a good shot you shouldn’t need to spend hours editing to make it look amazing,  My favourite areas to adjust are exposure, brightening, contrast and saturation.  BUT I like to edit the first photo quickly while in front of the real flatlay – so I can compare back. If it doesn’t look real and the colours aren’t the same, dump it and start again! Sometimes all the editing in the world can’t correct bad lighting and grainy photos – and it’s better to try taking some new shots again later.


Okay, so Edited Flatlay 1 may not have perfect white in the background, but the colours are true to the original products and are vivid and look great (I think! ?).  Edited Flatlay 2 has the brightness and exposure dialled up too much – the white is perfect but the actual products are too pale and indistinct – NOT what you want!

Top Tip #5

Don’t forget about your background!  White is a great starter – I love using white board or corflute sheets available from Bunnings for less than $10.  BUT don’t feel like you have to stay with white – especially when creating a flatlay in an app – get adventurous and play with colour and texture. I use coloured cardboard sheets from the hobby shop as a background too!  Think about what will complement the products in your flatlay and match the vibe! When making flatlays in an app, my fave one to work with is PICCOLLAGE (the flatlay below was made with it!)!


Top Tip #6

Be adventurous!  Play with different combinations and colour clashes, and don’t forget a flatlay does not have to be a complete outfit – it is outfit inspiration, so there can be double ups or items missing from an outfit, as long as it inspires a certain look!


Top Tip #7

Find an app that is easy to use – I like to use pic collage for all my flatlays, so I can clip backgrounds out and easily place items.  I’ve also heard polyvore is popular for flat laying.  Ask around to see what others use – I’d love to know what you use!

Top Tip #8

Don’t be afraid to try a few different combinations of products – if it doesn’t look quite right, move them around!  Take something out, try a different angle.  If you’re taking photos, sometimes I take at least 20 and it’s the very last one I love the most! Often taking a photo and looking at it will tell you what you need to change.


I think I moved these products around at least 15 times before I got this combination.  Just keep shifting and framing them in a shot til it works!  Balanced, but not too symmetrical!

Top Tip #9

When posting on social media, don’t forget to tag each store or maker in your photo, to acknowledge the use of their product or photo.  If you’re unsure, check with them first!

Top Tip #10

Most importantly, have fun!!!

I hope my TOP TEN TIPS were a bit of help – of course there’s plenty more I could share, but these will get you off to a good start! Got any questions, or wanna share another tip of your own? Comment below, or email me at .  I’d LOVE to hear from you! ?



until next time,

Keneena xx

The Final Edition – Winter Style Guide for Cool Kids!!

Hey y’all!!  I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride the last four weeks of this ultimate Winter Style Guide for kids! ??

I wanted to give you fresh, outside the box inspiration for your kids winter wardrobe, and have fun along the way!   What has your favourite flatlay been so far?  Do you love the riot of colour, or a more subtle style?  What has inspired you to try something new?  Do you have a new product on your wishlist??  Whatever your taste, don’t forget to have fun with kids fashion!!

For my first flatlay this week, I’ve taken inspiration from my newest Statement Skirt – Orange Kitty Cat!

Winter luxe bonnet | necklace | pompom beanie | long tee | cityscape shorts | tiger socks | hoodie | black cat socks | Orange cross over moccs | Orange Kitty Cat skirt | Hey sweater |

My second collection is All About Rainbow – a little more subtle than my last rainbow flatlay….but only a little!! ?

Sprinkles top knot | little trinket pastel rainbow | pompom beanie and scarf | bandana scarf/bib | Vegorama girls shorts | shoes | flamingo socks | Popsicle tee | wooden camera | geometric rainbow skirt | rainbow sweater |

Here’s some inspo from our real life wardrobe – I’ve been loving how this gorgeous kimono from Bandeaux Baby layers beautifully in winter!

Red bow headband | flower kimono | panda long socks | Fire Engine Red skirt | navy silver spot shoes |

And my last flatlay is such a fave – I love the bold patterns in my Monochromaniac skirt, but I love it even more with pops of colour to make it really shine!

Headwrap | Monochromaniac skirt | red spot stockings | gumboots | soft camera |

Thanks so much for coming along for the ride,  I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of style guide, I hope you’ve discovered some gorgeous new products to love, and most of all, I hope you’ve had fun!!  I’d LOVE to know what you’d like to see in future style guides and flatlays – tell me in the comments or chat with me on social media ( | ).

And one last thing – for those who love to get their flatlay on – very soon I’ll be hosting a flatlay competition on Instagram – keep your eyes peeled for the details – I’d love you to join in!


See you later!!

Keneena xx




Having fun with food! Whet your appetite for rad kids gear with the kablooie style guide! (part 3)

Hey!  We’re up to week three of the Kablooie winter style guide, and this week is all about food! [And yay that my website is working this week! ??]

I hope these flatlays get you hungry for some fun food themed style!!  ? As always, click the links below the flatlays and you’ll head straight to the source of all these products. It’s definitely worth checking out some of these – many are from micro handmade businesses who are rocking their style. ??  Have fun, and don’t forget to EAT YOUR GREENS!


Mix tape backpack | bug tags | bow headband | red scarf | cardigan | vegemite toast bodysuit| banana socks | ballet flats | Eat Your Greens skirt |

I’m crushing on Hey Jude Kids sweater tees right now – so many rad prints!  Check these out!

Lightning bolt tee | zebra print bow tie | raptor beads | pizza Headwrap | Chips Tee| Fire Engine Red skirt | Pink desert boots | rad backpack | silver gumboots | Eat You Greens shorts|


Wanna add a little bit of sparkle to your wardrobe?  Check this one out!

Striped Cap | jet and motorbike manlaces | pompom beanie| pizza bodysuit | leopard print shoes | Copper Dream skirt | navy gold spot vest | denim high tops | Boho Feather skirt | style like you mean it! Tee |

Wanna have a go at a food themed flatlay yourself?  I’ll be having some fun on Instagram soon with food themed flatlays – come get your flatlay on and join us! ???????????????